Weightloss/Flat Tummy Tea

Have you bought several weightloss products in the past?… This is your final solution to All your weight problems.

Get ready to lose 5 – 10 kg weekly!

About The Product

Trimmr Flat Tummy Tea is herbal remedy formulated to help you lose weight and achieve that body you have always wanted.

It helps restore your confidence, increase metabolism and burn fat without you even lifting a finger.

Trimmr Flat Tummy tea is made of finely blended plant herbal extracts such as Garcininia Cambogina, cassia seed and green tea.

A pack of Trimmr weight loss tea contains 28 tea bags which you use daily, morning and evening.

The best part is that Trimmr weightloss tea is purely herbal, comes without any side effect and curative for the treatment of obesity problems, and within few days of taking herbal tea you can start seeing improvement in your health and fitness journey.

Trimmr flat tummy tea has the highest standard of approval by international FDA bodies. it’s produced in the best, biggest and professional tea manufacturing factory with certificate of GMP- good manufacturing practice, HACCP, food production license, QS etc


Each pack contains 28 tea bags. put 1 tea bag in a cup, add boiled water, you can add lemon or honey depending on your taste. Drink in the morning when you wake up and in the night before bed

Obesity is an overweight disease that if left untreated, the patient may find it difficult to carry out east day-to-day tasks and can even block the arteries. it is as serious as cancer.

The best part of this herbal tea is that it works to give you a flat tummy if that is your goal and it also works for people who are overweight and want to lose weight fast.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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1 pack N15,000 N10,000
2 packs N30,000



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Meet Matilda, formerly 112kg now 82kg

Meet Ann and Stanley Chikonye.
They’ve been married for 8 years, moved to the UK and suddenly started finding it difficult to keep up with daily exercises to prevent weight loss. Look at them now, one month after drinking Trimmr herbal tea.

This is their story…

“My name is Anna Chikonye, I am 36 years old. Some years ago, I left Nigeria to the United Kingdom for a better life with my husband. We started living the kind of life we wanted, eating all kind of food and enjoying life like it should be. We started putting on some weight and was fine with it, not until we decided it was time to loose them because most of our clothes were no longer our sizes. It was even worse for me as a lady. I had to start buying new pants and bra almost every month.

My husband and I decided to start working out and going to the gym to loose these body weight. We thought it would be easy. We tried it for three months, it didn’t seem to be working out. My husband already gave up on trying, but I couldn’t give up. I had to start looking for other possible remedies.

I was introduced to some herbal mixtures and leaves which I took for a while with coffee as well. It worked out a little, I lost a few pounds but gained back few weeks later. I continued searching for a better solution. Then I met a friend that told me about Trimmr herbal tea. I didn’t believe her at first so I didn’t take it seriously.

Few months later, I saw the advert on my mobile phone. I took a screen shot of the product and sent it to my friend and she confirmed that was the product. I asked her if she had used it herself, she said No, but her elder sister Olivia uses it and has cut down well on her big weight. I then beloved her because I know how Olivia’s body is. So I can imagine how she was before she started taking the tea.

I took the step and got some packs of trimmr. Just one week into taking it, I started seeing results. Even my husband was amazed and joined me in taking the tea.
Now look at us.

Thank you very much for creating this product. You don’t know the lives you are saving with this.

Meet Yemisi, formerly 95kg now 75kg

Meet Bodun, formerly 125kg with a very big tummy now 80kg


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